2020.08.29 第54回 JBCF 西日本ロードクラシック広島大会 Day.1


I'm Juli Nuñezfrom the voyAge cycling team.

This is areport of the "West Japan Road Classic" race held at Central ForestPark in Hiroshima the other day.

Anotheropportunity to have fun on the bike had arrived and I, as usual, was so excitedto get part of it. The circuit for this race was the traditional course at theHiroshima forest park. This circuit, as probably you know, is very explosiveand technical with a lot of short hills (107 meters of elevations per lap)including one climb of 2.14 km at 5% average of inclination.

On the routemap was stipulated 4laps; almost 50kms of fun!

My peloton wasaround 56 guys, and my perception from the beginning was “today I’m going tosuffer!” (I took two weeks of vacations and that the body feels it and thecycling punishes it)

The first twolaps I’d just focus on don’t lose the wheel and suffer the most cause myexperience told me that on this half of the race would be and importantselection and this is how happened.

From thebeginning of the third lap we were just 12 cyclists on the ahead of the race,and I tried to go away on the downhill. For a few moment I made it, but then onthe second half of this lap the group close the gap and catch me. Then onWestward Climb two Matsuyama Team's guys attacked and I tried to catch them. Idid it just before crown the top of the climb. By this moment we were 6 aheadof the race, but in the downhill the other guys

But in the downhillthe other guys closed the gap, so again we were 12 on top of the race.

The final lapstarted, and my heart and legs was so tired, my mind wanted to attack but mylegs jelling me “don’t dare you” LoL.

So I put allmy energy into not losing the wheel until the final sprint and then trying todo my best to finish as far as possible. The sprint began with 12 of usgrouped, I was in 4th position before the last corner, but then the rider aheadfor me fall and I lose a lot of positions and between that and that I no longerhad the strength I finished in 10th position. Just few seconds behind of thewinner.

So this was myshort report of my race, I hope you enjoyed as me written and racing.Hugs andbest wishes!

Special thanksto Michio Kozuta and Kayo Shimomura for taking care of us and gave us energyand good wishes all day.

2020.08.29 第54回 JBCF 西日本ロードクラシック広島大会 Day.1_c0351373_15402135.jpg
フリ ニュエズ 選手
2020.08.29 第54回 JBCF 西日本ロードクラシック広島大会 Day.1_c0351373_15402859.jpg
クラウディア カスティージョ 選手
2020.08.29 第54回 JBCF 西日本ロードクラシック広島大会 Day.1_c0351373_15401992.jpg
松下 恵子 選手


voyAge cycling teamJuli Nuñezです。

自転車を楽しむ別の機会が来て、いつものように、私はそれに参加するのにとても興奮していました。このレースのサーキットは、広島の森公園の伝統的なコースでした。おそらくご存知のように、このサーキットは非常に爆発的で技術的であり、傾斜の平均5%で2.14 km1回の上り坂を含む短い丘(1周あたり標高107メートル)がたくさんあります。







だから私は全力を尽くして、最後のスプリントまでホイールを失うことのないようにして、そして可能な限りフィニッシュするために最善を尽くそうとしました。スプリントは12人でグループ分けされて始まり、最後のコーナーの前に4位でしたが、前のライダーは転倒し、その間に多くのポジションを失い、その間に10位で終えたときの強さがなくなりました。 勝者のほんの数秒遅れています。



2020.08.29 第54回 JBCF 西日本ロードクラシック広島大会 Day.1_c0351373_15403484.jpg
2020.08.29 第54回 JBCF 西日本ロードクラシック広島大会 Day.1_c0351373_15403149.jpg
2020.08.29 第54回 JBCF 西日本ロードクラシック広島大会 Day.1_c0351373_15402555.jpg

E 3

10位 Julian Nunez  time 1:19:11 +top00:09



Claudia Castillo

松下 恵子

by velocafevoyage | 2020-09-11 16:00 | voyAge roadracers

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